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We believe food culture makes up an important part of who we are, how we connect, what we value, how we express ourselves and the simple, peaceful joy food can bring us. We have set out to demonstrate a dining experience that literally reminds you to stop and appreciate these moments in your life – and we want to share the unique joy and magic of good food.

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A comfortable space in The Resort Club, Trade Route Coffee Kitchen gives residents a reason to gather, dine and host a small group to exchange ideas or conduct innovative business. This flexible space offers countertop seating, small conference room, cozy lounge areas and café tables.

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Nestled into the resort campus this dining experience offers up the perfect Florida style entertainment with tasty foods served hot off the grill, freshly prepared salads paired with your favorite frozen and fruity beverages. Relax around the bar, enjoy the alfresco dining, or along the poolside in one of our fully equipped cabanas for your private leisure.


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